Factors Affecting the Growth of the Economy by the Automobile Industry


The invention of automobiles has significantly impacted the today’s lives in some profound way by completely revolutionizing the way of life. Business exponents give the following outline regarding the records that constitute great possible cost since the automobile industry is characterized by intensive capital and labour.

According to the research labour is at heart of major expense. The cost of labour has consistently high despite employment of both machines and robots doing the most of the work. Bearing in the mind that most of the automobile industries lies within the urban areas, they produce job opportunities both to this within the industry as well as those engaging in the related field. It is a verifiable fact that the automobile industry is at the center of-of reducing the cases of lack of jobs within the job market.

The materials occupy the central place. For manufacturing to effectively take place, various substances such as aluminum, seats, tires, steel and other more are needed. These materials are acquired from external suppliers thereby, as a result, triggering a significant growth within the related industries.
Advertising has not been eliminated in this. Considering the current neck throttling competition among players in automobile industry throughout the world, it has pushed the industries to deployed large amounts of money to promote and market their vehicles. This industry is also spending large sums of money in conducting effective market surveys untended to give them the glimpse and understanding on customer’s preferences, tastes, and trends. This greatly assist the industry only to manufacture what is relevant to the market and usually gifts the demanded tastes.

It is worth noting that the industry research comprises both the auto manufacturing and auto part manufacturing. The the role played by this is high regarding the growth of the industry. The auto part manufacturing can be further subdivided.

There are those replacement parts that are very important after purchasing of the motor vehicle here. They may include air filters, brake plates, oil filters among others. Some industry player further makes their components such as car seats.

Another field deals with synthesizing and making of the rubber. Rubber is utilized in making of crucial parts such as belts, tires as well as hoses in automobile. In pursuing of the customer’s satisfaction the manufacturing purchase rubber and its products.

The effect of globalization of the business has greatly affected the way business is carried out, this is with exception to both material and labor expenses. The the intensity of the competition has gone high over time.
The increase in the market can be ascribed to the high demand in consumer preferences and trends. Consumer are main contributors to the industry’s sales. It is therefore paramount that consumer and business data occupy the priority other than revenues and debt load so learn more.

Related information can be accessed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmqdCv1pes4 .


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